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Welcome to the Dblhelix Wiki site is the home of Internet Solutions, a consulting group that grew out of Laboratory Computing Specialists. This was a company that for many years supported primarily biotechs, but we worked with any medical and lab based research company. At that time we supported all sorts of computational informatics. We set up one of the first local BLAST servers and local archive of the NIH genome databases.

Since then our areas of interest have greatly expanded. We have experts in modeling, graphics, system and networks design. Between us we have run large collections of practically every kind of computer system in existence. We also have run an ISP and designed networks ranging in size from one room to metropolitan area networks. We currently specialize in Unix, Linux, Mac OS/X, Windows, Clustering and interconnecting all these. Several of us also have a strong interest in security, and have been involved in designing secure systems since the early days of the internet and even before . We also have a long history with VMS and can help with that as well. We support programming in C, Fortran, Perl, PHP, .....

One specialized area of expertise for some of us is weather modeling. We have a lot of experience with the MM5 and WRF models as well as some with COAMPS and a few others. We also have a lot of experience with the input data sets, automation and visualization of the output of these models.

If you need help please contact us. If it is something we can't help you with we can always point you at the experts in the field.

Please contact us at

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